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The importance of quality coaching in your life

Navigating though through these unprecedented times, getting ahead in business, making the right subject or career choices, finding a work life balance, or coping with a situation that you are currently struggling to understand or change….. more and more people from all walks of life are turning to coaches for insight, guidance and help to move forward in their lives……. Shouldn’t you?

The importance of psychometric assessments in self development

We are all different in terms of our personality, behaviour, motivation, abilities, interests and values.

At Future Ingenium we encourage the use of psychometric assessments as part of the coaching journey to self-discovery and personal development

What make a good psychometric assessment?

Psychometric assessments play a key role in identifying and highlighting your personal strengths and developmental areas. Any psychometric assessments selected needs to be relevant to what it is you are aiming to achieve in your developmental journey, valid in that it measures what it is supposed to measure, reliable as the results are consistent and appropriately normed in that you are being measured against a significant group of individuals.